14 Point Times New

14 Point Times New

10+ type written pages No pictures allowed. 14 point Times New Roman font.  Double-spaced. 1″ margins.Investigate a topic (jazz or blues) that was addressed in the course but perhaps not as deeply as you desired.Describe the relationship of music to other academic disciplines Research is evidenced by 2 “scholarly” sources Well-constructed paper with minimal grammatical/mechanical errors Topic is explored and adds to the scholarship of the course I ask that the topic for your persuasive paper be stated as an unsettled argument related to jazz or blues. State the topic as some sort of problem or argument and then work to convince me of your position or unique perspective. For example, something along the lines of: Elvis was the primary developer of the Rockabilly style.  State your argument and use words of probability such as “probably,” “might be,” or “75% chance.” The point is to describe your topic as a discussion of what is more or less likely. Be aware of your data and resources when making statements. Data from a 4th grade class project is not as strong as data generated from the US Census Bureau. 

Topic is :”Robert Johnson’s story of selling his soul to the Devil was only a fable.”

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