15 Different Canadian Plays

15 Different Canadian Plays


I need you to write a comparative analysis of two or more Canadian plays (I have attached both the play files in the question). Remember to carefully edit your writing for clarity and proofread for errors in grammar and spelling. MLA guidelines should be followed for formatting and citations.


1) Word count: 2000-2500 words

2) The essay presents a strong thesis and supporting arguments that meaningfully engage with two or more plays, at least one of which is not on the course reading list. Areas of comparison and contrast are carefully considered, exceptionally insightful, and persuasively expressed.

3) The essay has a logical structure that is easy to follow and engaging. The writing has been carefully polished with virtually no errors in spelling or grammar. MLA format is followed.

*Note: Play 1 Should be Leaving Home which I am attaching below and Play 2 or more for the comparative analysis can be any from the 2nd file I am attaching which consists of 15 different Canadian plays. So basically you are gonna write a comparative analysis essay between Play LEAVING HOME and any other two of your choice from the 2nd file I have attached. 

Not able to attach files so I am attaching a link to files https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1e0ujv1vao5h0hPGZp0C0nW6YdKTof4NY

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