2 Separate Assignmentspart 1Legal

2 Separate Assignmentspart 1Legal

2 Separate Assignments

Part 1

Legal Issues for School Leaders

Understanding your state’s court systems and laws are very important for a school leader, but you must have a clear understanding of the statutes and case laws that work together to help everyone understand the best way to resolve legal issues that leaders face in today’s schools. It is important for leaders to understand that the law is not a static situation, but that it is constantly evolving. When a statute is passed by a governing body, its guidance for school leaders is limited until it is interpreted by the courts. This interpretation comes in the form of case law. It is important for a school leader to understand how case law impacts the governing of the schools and the administration of the rights of stakeholders of schools including, but not limited to, students, employees, parents, and community members. For this discussion, you should choose either the First Amendment or the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution as the basis for your reply.

Follow these directions:

  • Describe what the chosen amendment says about our rights as U.S. citizens.
  • Find two examples of case law that apply to educational institutions that have helped to define how the rights guaranteed by that amendment have been interpreted by the courts.
  • Discuss implications of the chosen case law and how it relates to school leaders.
  • Research resources (at least 3) that a school leader can use for better understanding in order to comply with the Amendment chosen. Post these resources, along with their links, in the Discussion Board.

Part 2

School Resource Manual


The discussion topic in Part 1 asked you to research resources that a school leader can use for better understanding in order to comply with the Amendment chosen; either the First or Fourth Amendment. In this assignment, you will compile a Legal Resource Manual. This manual is intended to give you the tools and resources you can draw upon as you move into educational leadership positions. For this reason, you will want your sources to be reliable and trustworthy. You will want this manual to be a companion, something you can turn to when you have questions about legal issues on the job. Your school will have a legal team, of course, but you will want the foundational legal knowledge it takes to be conversant on various issues.


Your manual will be built with the resources you contributed in the discussion in Part 1 and and additional resources that you research from other sources for this assignment.

A minimum of 9 resources should be annotated which includes at least 3 local/district, 3 state, and 3 federal resources. Provide a short description of at least 200 words about the resource and why it is useful for a total of 1800 words minimum.

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