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Introduction to Sociology

Introduction to Sociology: Analytic Paper Directions

Description: One of the class course objectives is that you learn how to critically think about the world around you by applying a sociological lens to everyday cultural phenomena. In order to cultivate the development of your own “sociological perspective,” you will be asked to use one of the three major sociological frameworks – symbolic interactionism, functionalism, or conflict theory – to analyze and apply to a real-world social phenomenon, in a three- to five-page paper.

An imperative part of sociology is analyzing data, or, information. One of the primary methods qualitative sociologists use are in-depth interviews. For this assignment, you will be listening to and analyzing the interviews of high school students and educators in Parts 1 and 2 of This American Life’s “Harper High School”; the links are provided below. Full transcripts of both parts are also available on the website for reading. Parts 1 and 2 are each roughly an hour long, so students should plan their time to listen to the podcast accordingly.

Directions: You are tasked with analyzing both Parts 1 and 2 from the perspective of a sociologist. Personal opinion should never be used; avoid “I” statements in your paper. Thus, as a sociologist, you are to analyze the events and interviews that occur in the Harper High School community by choosing the best theoretical perspective to analyze the events. Throughout your analysis, you are required to use key terms from the textbook, such as statusracesocial stratification, and any key terms that are relevant to the sociological perspective you choose.

Papers are required to be three- to five-pages in length and abide by the Assignment Directions outlined in the syllabus. As stated in the syllabus, students are required to cite and format their papers using ASA (American Sociological Association) format; a helpful link regarding ASA format is provided on the syllabus. Read both the Assignment Directions outlined on the syllabus and research the requirements for ASA format in order to ensure points are not deducted.






The paper should:

· Be concise and well-organized (a minimum of 3 pages, to be no more than 5 pages, double-spaced, with paragraphs).

· Make clear connections between theories and/or concepts discussed in class.

· Demonstrate original thought; any sign of plagiarism will result in an automatic “zero” on the assignment. If there are questions on how to cite properly, please see the instructor, a reference librarian, or utilize the college’s writing center.

· Be reflective and critical.

· Use academic language.

· Cite the textbook.

· Adhere to all guidelines outlined under “Assignment Directions,” as outlined on the syllabus.


Failure to meet any of these aforementioned minimum standards will result in an automatic deduction of thirty points, as “minimum” standards constitute a “C,” or seventy points by the class rubric.




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