3 Page Single Space

3 Page Single Space

Complete a 3 page single space case study on the Golf course case study below. The 3 pages does not include the cover page or reference page! CITE ALL REFERENCES IN APA FORMAT!

You are a public health expert and you are notified that arsenic has been detected on and near a golf course in ground water, surface water and soil and the golf course is to be developed into additional housing. There are homes and apartments currently bordering the golf course.

Clearly answer the following questions with headings for each section:

  1. What are the initial steps you would take?
  2. Develop a surveillance plan and a risk assessment plan (acute and chronic) for the area.
  3. What occupational workers might be exposed? Who are the other preceptors?
  4. What are possible routes of exposure?
  5. Discuss considerations concerning a biomonitoring and environmental sampling plan. Hint: Arsenic is a naturally occurring metal.

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