300 Words Altogether

300 Words Altogether


Write three (3) paragraphs of more than 300 words altogether where you state and explain at least two (2) reasons why having a university degree is important. Please, follow these guidelines:

  1. In the first paragraph, you must provide an introduction and clearly state your main idea (thesis statement).
  2. In the second paragraph, you must develop and clearly explain at least two (2) reasons.
  3. In the last paragraph (3), you must write your conclusions based on the main idea (thesis statement).
  4. You must reply to one (1) of your classmates.
  5. Be really careful with grammar, punctuation, and mechanics: (Run-Ons, Fragments, Subject-Verb Agreement, Pronoun Types, Pronoun Agreement-Reference, Spelling, Punctuation-Uses of the Comma, Capitalization).

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