33 33 Unread Replies

33 33 Unread Replies

Argument Analysis Post (Mind perception and morality) 33 33 unread replies. 33 33 replies.

Is mind perception the essence of morality? Here Kurt Gray and his colleagues argue that perceiving people as agents or patients lies at the heart of morality judgments. Jesse Graham and Ravi Iyer (who, by the way, have their own theories of morality based on cross-cultural and evolutionary psychology) respond with a series of questions about the theory. Your job will be to determine whose position is stronger. 

Please download and read the argumentanalysis instructions very carefully. This document includes instructions for the argument analysis paper and the argument analysis discussion post. As a reminder, you’ll be discussing the best and worst evidence presented for each side of the issue.

The articles you will read this week are below:



 analysis instructions very carefully.


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