7Th Edition Ofthe Apa

7Th Edition Ofthe Apa

Assignment: Please make sure to attach ALL the articles you cite in the paperCross-Cultural Psychology (CCP) United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (UNSDG)Literature Review Report

Assignment Title:Cultural Influences on <YOUR PSYCHOLOGICY TOPIC/PRINCIPLE OF INTEREST>: ACross-Cultural Exploration Supporting UNSDG <X.X – BRIEF TITLE OF UNSDG>All students should use the same title; replace the all capitalized words with your topic andUNSDG goal and brief title, respectively.Assignment Description:In this assignment, you will conduct a comprehensive literature review focusing on the culturalinfluences on your psychological topic/principle of interest, with a specific emphasis onsupporting a United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (UNSDG).Step 1: Topic Selection & UNSDG Connection:Students will choose a specific topic in psychology (e.g., mental health and well-being, such asdepression, anxiety, stress, resilience, happiness, coping mechanisms) and explore how culturalfactors impact it. You will also integrate research findings from at least 3 different countries toprovide a cross-cultural comparison. You will need to discuss how your chosen topic directlyconnects to the chosen UNSDG (e.g., UNSDG 3.4 – “By 2030, reduce by one third prematuremortality from non-communicable diseases through prevention and treatment and promotemental health and well-being.” OR UNSDG 8.8 “Protect labour rights and promote safe andsecure working environments for all workers, including migrant workers, in particular womenmigrants, and those in precarious employment”).Step 2: Literature Review & Cross-Cultural Analysis:Students will conduct a literature review, integrating at least six (6) peer-reviewed empiricalarticles, analyzing studies and research articles that explore their chosen psychological topicfrom a cross-cultural lens. Students will identify cultural variations, similarities, and differencesin perceptions, attitudes, and practices related to their psychological topic across differentsocieties or societal regions.Step 3: UNSDG Integration:Students will demonstrate how their chosen topic contributes to achieving the identifiedUNSDG. You will discuss how understanding and addressing cultural influences on thepsychological topic can lead to better strategies for addressing the UNSDG (e.g., promotingwell-being, reducing stigma, and increasing access to mental health resources on a global scale).Step 4: Recommendations and Implications:Based on your literature review and cross-cultural analysis, provide recommendations forpolicymakers, healthcare professionals, or organizations to develop culturally sensitive andeffective interventions that address your chosen topic (e.g., promote mental health and well-being). Discuss how these recommendations align with the UNSDG goal (and perhaps evenother UNSDG goals) and contribute to creating a healthier and more inclusive world.CCP in Connection with UNSDG 2Step 5: Report and Reflection:Students will submit their literature review findings and recommendations in the form of anAPA-style written report. In your post-analysis, you will also reflect on your learning experience,discussing insights gained about the importance of considering cultural perspectives inaddressing global challenges like the UNSDG goal you chose.Note. You must submit pdf copies of the articles you utilized as supplemental materials whensubmitting your report. Your work must be prepared in APA style (following the 7th edition ofthe APA Publication Manual).Assessment Criteria:Students will be assessed based on the depth of their literature review, the quality of cross-cultural analysis, the strength of their UNSDG integration, the creativity and feasibility of theirrecommendations, and the clarity and coherence of their presentation or written report.Goals of Assignment:This assignment not only encourages students to delve into a relevant psychological topic from across-cultural perspective but also helps them understand the significance of culturalconsiderations in achieving UNSDGs. It promotes critical thinking, research skills, andawareness of global issues while fostering a sense of responsibility toward improvingpsychological well-being worldwide.

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