Michigan Drug Courts

Posted below is a process evaluation of the Michigan Juvenile Drug Treatment Courts. Drug Courts are one of the new approaches to prevention and rehabilitation for drug abusing teens and adults. Drug Courts came about as part of the effort to decriminalize addiction rehabilitation. Instead of jailing drug offenders, the goal of drug courts is to provide comprehensive treatment and prevention using a family-based strengths focused approach.

Read the questions below and use the posted document to answer the questions:

What policy provides for a county to set up a drug court?
How is Teen Drug Court different from adult Drug Court?
How do youth get referred to Drug Court?
On page 28, there is a discussion of the importance of the strengths-based approach for drug courts. Why is a strengths-based approach so important in the prevention and treatment of drug addiction?
What is one way that judges and referees document and demonstrate strengths on the part of the participating youth?
Do you think that the provision for Drug Court in a given county is an effective way to address teen drug addiction? Why or why not?

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