Abilities Develop Throughout

Abilities Develop Throughout


Identify the guidelines you can use to determine if you are in the right job. Explain how you can use the guidelines to help you search for your ideal job or use them to determine if your current job is the right occupation for you.

Question 2 (5 pts)

Identify and describe the four dimensions of personality type. Provide examples for each dimension of personality type.

Question 3 (5 pts)

Identify and describe the four different temperaments. Of the four temperaments, which category do you fall into? Explain why you fall into that category.

Question 4 (5 pts)

Based on the hierarchy of functions, what are your strongest and weakest functions? Identify and describe your dominant function, auxiliary function, third function, and fourth function.

Question 5 (5 pts)

Our personality type and abilities develop throughout our life. Where are you in your type development? Identify the function you are currently developing and explain how you are developing the function.

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