Absurd Government Policies

Absurd Government Policies

In this first argumentative speech, you will be proposing a solution to the social problem you’ve identified. The thesis statement of this speech will be the proposition you submitted previously. Your speech should have three main points organized into (1) the problem/ill; (2) cause of this problem/blame; and (3) solution to this problem/cure.

Most social problems are not caused by just one action, policy, or group of people (e.g., homelessness due to greedy landlords, irresponsible tenants, or absurd government policies); rather, there are often multiple causal factors for such social problems. For this assignment, however, you will argue that one particular factor is the main cause of the problem you selected. Refer to/cite publications during your first main point to inform us of the severity or prevalence of the problem. In your second main point, use evidence to back up your claim regarding the chief causal agent of the problem. Finally, for your third main point, propose a solution to this problem, and explain why you think it will work.

I have left 2 files with some work of the information you can use for this assignment. My social problem is Internet Protection Laws: Deepfake Technology Protection Polic.I need this completed by 3/13/23 before 1 pm PST

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