Also Considered Science Fiction

Also Considered Science Fiction


I would like to think of Alice in Wonderland as a perfect example of ‘serious make-believe’. If they made more movies similar to Alice with talking bunnies and such, they would all be in the make-believe category. One example for the future of films would be to incorporate more CGI into motion pictures. Another example would be to have more animals that talk as well as sing and mimic the emotion of a human. Yet one more example would be to incorporate more intense stunts into films.


Although I was momentarily confused on what serious make believe is. I quickly found out it’s essentially fiction. The best example I could think of is the Twilight Zone. The Twilight Zone was a Sci-Fi television show from 1959. The show was also considered science fiction horror. The episodes usually consisted of a story dealing with problems with seemingly impossible twists. What are the scariest episodes I can remember consists of a lady arriving at a store and attempting to buy a thimble. After not being able to find any staff, she notices the mannequins in the store are not where they were before. Later she realizes they’re after her. The reasoning behind the mannequins being after her was shocking to say the least. 

Another good example of a serious make believe is the movie Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. An inventor figures out how to make it rain food. This is a good example because I’ve never met a single person that wouldn’t want this to happen.


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