Apa Formate 7 Edition

Apa Formate 7 Edition

Considering your health care disparity, how would you implement your proposed solution?

The health care disparity is lack of insurance coverage in health care (uninsured)

  • Teaching-learning strategies
  • Attach a handout you might provide (either a cited source or a handout of your own creation)
  • How would you gain any needed funding, community support, supplies?
  • Be concrete about where, with what population, and when you would present this information and  implement the change
  • How would you implement the plan? For example, if you are doing a teach, would you use a PowerPoint?
  • Is this module’s topic of health disparities by age a factor in how you address or present the information?

write this in three page. APA formate 7 edition . I need this in 18hours

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