Apa Formatthe First Paragraph

Apa Formatthe First Paragraph

Note: If you need help with some of the terminology around citing and referencing your sources, check out RefWorks and RRC’s guide to APA 7th Edition.

Regardless of the level you are attempting, all Annotated Bibliographies submissions will include the following:

  • Reference: Your source written in APA format.
  • Description: Write a short description of your source that includes a brief summary of the source, who created it, when it was created, and what you found useful about it.

A-level submissions will also include the following:

  • Evaluation: Write a short evaluation of your source using the CRAAP method. Include your final evaluation of whether or not this source is appropriate using CLAIM + EVIDENCE.

The sources you use for your project should include a mix of academic, non-academic, written, and video/audio. A and B-level submissions will include the informational interview as one of the sources; including this is optional for C-level submissions.

The minimum number of sources is:

  • A-level: 7 + the informational interview
  • A-level Example

Media Literacy Fundamentals. (n.d.). (MediaSmarts) Retrieved May 4, 2020, from http://mediasmarts.ca/digital-media-literacy/general-information/digital-media-literacy-fundamentals/media-literacy-fundamentals

Media Literacy Fundamentals is a page from Mediasmarts, which is a non-profit Canadian organization that informs people about digital and media literacy. The article has no date. This page provides an overview of what media literacy is, why it should be taught in schools, and what some of the key terminology is. I found it really useful as an introduction to media literacy because it contains all of the basic information that I want right on one page.

I find the page reliable. While this page doesn’t have a date on it, the Mediasmarts website is updated regularly. The content on this website is produced by an organization and by individuals with expertise in the field of media and digital literacy, so the information is both focused/relevant and likely to be accurate. According to the website, Mediasmarts’ purpose is to educate people rather than sell products. Overall, given that the goal is to educate and the content is produced by experts in the field, this page is a good resource.


  • The reference is in APA format
  • The first paragraph clearly includes a brief summary of the source, who created it, when it was created, and what you found useful about it.
  • The second paragraph includes a mention of all elements of CRAAP to evaluate the source, even the one that the source didn’t have (the date – currency).

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