Apa Style Guide Use

Apa Style Guide Use

 Final Assignment: Environmental Health and Health Effects of Environmental ChangeInstructions:

  1. Write a 2-3 pages work on environmental health, the environmental factors that impact health, and your role with improving/ eliminating environmental barriers to health. Use the following organization:
    1. Title page: Environmental Health and Health Effects on Environmental Change
    2. Introduction: One paragraph (minimum of 4 to 5 sentences).
    3. Sub-Titles:
      • Environmental Factors that Impact Health
      • My role in Improving/ Eliminating Environmental Barriers to Health (give specific examples of how you can make a difference).
    4. Summary and Conclusion: (minimum of one paragraph of 4 to 5 sentences). 
    5. References: Must use a minimum of 3 reference besides the textbook that is 5 years or newer. 
  2. Your work should:
    • be typed in a WORD document.
    • be 2-3 or more pages (excluding the title page and reference page).  In other words, the body of your work should be 2 to 3 pages long.
    • include a Title page and a Reference page.
    • Must use a minimum of 3 reference besides the textbook that is 5 years or newer.
      • Use APA style: Running head, title page, citations, reference page 
      • Follow APA format according to the APA Style Guide
    • use factual information from the textbook and/or appropriate articles and websites.
  3. See rubric attached

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