Assignment ” Writing Approach

Assignment ” Writing Approach

Cause and Effect Essay

  • Write a 500-750 word essay using CAUSE AND EFFECT as a development method.
  • Use your own thoughts, observations, and/or experiences as the sources for this essay. Research is NOT required or expected for this essay.
  • Your essay must contain the following plagiarism acknowledgment before or after the essay, but in the same Word document:

“I have read and understood the ‘CTC Plagiarism Statement’ listed in this course. I understand that my essay will not be accepted without this statement. I have included the proper documentation and if my essay contains any undocumented sources, I may automatically receive a 0 on this assignment.”

Writing Approach Determine precisely what point you will make and write it down in precise terms. Remember, you will write about the causes that lead up to a specific event or situation. Think about why you want to make this point. Develop a thesis statement. Then choose examples and details that count for something that moves the reader toward some goal. Your details about the events should ultimately lead to the effect or the end result.

Writing Assignment

Purpose: to inform

Method of Development: Cause and Effect

choose your topic from this list below:

  • the impact of AI  on the human workforce
  • the effect of digital currency on the marketplace
  • the impact of driverless trucks on the trucking industry

Note an effective ’cause and effect’ will have positives and negatives. For example, driverless trucks will save corporations trillions because they will no longer have to pay wages, overtime, insurance, holidays, etc., but the 8 million currently in the industry will have a significant financial and economic impact. Covering all of the ways it will help corporations is excellent, but make sure you look at the topic from multiple perspectives and find at least one negative to present.


  1. Brainstorm for topics.
  2. Organize your ideas.
  3. Check the Syllabus for due dates.
  4. Must be in third person point of view (he/she/it/they pronouns only)

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