Author Compared Bird Densities

Author Compared Bird Densities


 1. The author predicts that different bird species will respond differently to urbanization. What are the three response groups the author expects to find and how is each predicted to respond to urbanization? 

2. Although not explicitly stated in the text, the author compared bird densities among sites using analysis of variance (ANOVA). Describe the experimental design of the ANOVA: what were the response and predictor variables, and treatment levels? Explain how the author used replication in both space and time.

 3. The author presents data on bird densities within sites in both Table 1 and Figure 3. Which presentation do you find more interpretable and why? What information is common to both, what is unique to either one or the other? Could you limit the redundancy of these two presentations by combining them into one table or figure? If so, which would you choose and how would you lay it out? 

4. The golf course had the highest bird species richness, density, and biomass (when Rock Doves were excluded from the analysis), and the second highest diversity (Figure 4). Summarize the author’s explanation for this result.

 5. Based on the study results, briefly argue the pros and cons of golf courses as they relate to bird diversity and abundance

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