Avoid Copying Text Directly

Avoid Copying Text Directly

Based on this article:


  1. What main argument (or claim) does the author make?
  2. Summarize the reasons the author uses to support the claim.
  3. What viewpoints may audience members have that oppose the author’s main argument?
  4. Is the author biased? Why or why not? What does it mean to be biased?
  5. What is the most compelling evidence that the writer presents?
  6. After reading the article, what do you know about the audience it is intended for? What is one example in the text of the author specifically writing to the audience?

  • Write your responses in complete sentences.
  • Justify and support your responses.
  • Avoid copying text directly from the article. This is considered plagiarism and is not acceptable. Your answers must be written in your own words; however, it is understood that you will use the information from your article.

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