Back Structure Internal Competitive

Back Structure Internal Competitive


Covering topics from Chapters 1-5.

Please read each question, then choose four (4) of the five (5) questions to write a detailed response. Be sure to include examples and full discussion, if asked.  

  1.  Discuss several implications for design challenges in today’s organizations.
  2. Gathering data useful in design assessment may be obtained in several ways.  Identify two of these and discuss their implications to the design process.
  3. Discuss the distinctions between a corporate strategy and a business strategy and provide an example of each.
  4. Identify and discuss at least three (3) of the forces by which an organization would choose to adopt a front-back structure
  5. Internal competitive forces may work against the organization’s design for lateral capability.  Identify and discuss at least two of these challenges.

Submission Instructions:

  • Please provide citations from any outside sources including your text and internet sources.
  • Be sure to include a reference page. Follow current APA format for citations and reference page.
  • Be sure to double space your work, indent first line of each paragraph.
  • Complete and submit the assignment by 9:00 PM ET Sunday.

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