Brief Ethical Dilemma Description

Brief Ethical Dilemma Description


Reflection of the response. 250 words, 2 citations APA

 Reply to at least two other groups’ posts with a reflection of their response (Word Limit for response: 250 words).  Please make sure to provide citations and references (in APA format) for your work.  

Brief Ethical Dilemma Description
Imagine a case scenario where the teacher has given a class assignment that can be done by a team or individually. The teacher has also set the deadline date for the assignment to be a week and expects everything to be ready by then. We must finish the assignment in time because poor results from this would lead to a decrease in points for my final score. After being given the assignment, I used the first five days to do other things such as playing soccer, watching movies, going out, and watching television shows. I later remembered having only two days to do the assignment and at this moment I faced ethical dilemmas to finish the assignment ad deliver it in time.
The ethical dilemma come in when we have to decide on how best to finish the assignment. First of all, finishing the assignment on my own would be difficult because I was not paying attention in the classes necessary to complete this assignment. Since this is a dilemma, I am also thinking of consulting a friend and asking for their assignment to copy. This is unethical. What comes into my mind is that doing this is wrong and goes beyond the moral principles of honesty and loyalty and I am not showing commitment to my teachers and studies. Teachers and parents have trusted me to fulfill every assignment honestly and have the best interest of finishing the assignments at heart. There is also another option which I would choose. This would be dedicating the two remaining days to learning about the course concepts and doing the assignment. The ethical problem comes when choosing between the two options available and it will be determined by whether I will choose morality over immorality (Anderson & Anderson, 2018).

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