Business Letter – First

Business Letter – First

Grant: – After reviewing the samples and your notes, work individually or with a small group to develop a grant proposal focused on changing or enhancing an aspect of curriculum for students with disabilities or students at risk in a realistic situation. Use the template posted on Canvas.  Remember to include an introductory letter (business letter format) Check out websites for ideas (e.g.,

Review the Rubric below.


I. Business Letter – First Impression Counts    Introduce your organization  and State purpose and need (10 pts)

II. Proposal Summary  (5 pts)

  1. Name of School District:
  2. Address:
  3. Contact Person(s):
  4. Title of Grant Proposal:
  5. Amount of Grant Request:
  6. Number of students to be served in proposed project:
  7. Number of student eligible for free lunch:

 III. Project Summary – 100 words or less- Give a general overview of the project for which you are requesting funds.  (10 pts.)

 IV.  Statement of Need – 300 words or less- Provide the rationale, including evaluation results, data, or research, that supports why the project is likely to be successful. Justify your request for funds.  (20 pts.)

 V.  Objectives for the Project – text or chart- make sure objectives are measureable.  (10 pts.)

 VI. Methods of Evaluation – can be connected to section III – in a table or chart.  (10 pts.)

 VII. Timeline 200 words or less- Describe the plan for implementation and timeline for implementing the project.Timeline for Implementation:  Use a chart or table for clarity (15 pts)

VIII. Budget – Use a table – itemized list (10 pts)

IX. How will you disseminate information – 50 words or less   (5 pts)

 Convince me that you are grant ready and have a logical plan for implementation and evaluation!

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