C N Cells

C N Cells

Q1: Which nonhistone protein helps to maintain chromosome structure?

a.- Nucleosome. b.- Chromatin. c.- Actin. d.- Scaffolding protein.

Q2: Please explain the cytokinesis.

Q3: Typical somatic cells in animals include:

a.- 2n cells. b.- Sperm cells. c.- n cells d.- All Gamete cells.

Q4: What are 3 reasons to explain genetic variations in Meiosis? ________________

Q5: If the cell has 50 chromosomes, how many are in each cell after mitosis? _____________________.

Q6: Please explain the regulation of the cell cycle.

Q7: During ___________________________ a nuclear envelope re-forms around each set of chromosomes, nucleoli become apparent, the chromosomes uncoil, and the spindle disappears.

Q8: The formation of sperm cells is called ________________________, and the formation of eggs or ova is called _________________

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