Ethnographic Exercise 1: Food In A Global Context

Wk6 Create A Fishbone Diagram To Discover The Root Causes Of Falls In Your Facility

As part of a leadership team for a healthcare organization dealing with a high incidence of fall incidents, you have been tasked with addressing this issue promptly (building upon previous assignments). Following a series of meetings and discussions about the possible cause of this safety concern, you have been asked to complete two important deliverable that will be used for supporting efforts to reduce fall-related incidence in your organization.

Part 1:

Your first deliverable will be to help the leadership and quality team better understand the root causes of the growing incidence of falls in your organization. Using Microsoft Word, PowerPoint or XMind, you will construct a fishbone diagram, otherwise known as a cause-and-effect or Ishikawa diagram (see resources for information). As shown in the diagram below, use the common categories (causes) such as equipment, process, and people to guide your construction. To elicit details in the fishbone diagram, you can use brainstorming techniques.

Part 2:

After completing the fishbone diagram, provide a written narrative that expounds on key information in the diagram. Also, explain the brainstorming process that you used to gather detail information about the possible root causes of falls in your facility.

Length: 2-3 pages not including title and reference pages. Include the diagram in the 2- to 3-page specified length.

References: Include a minimum of 2 credible resources, one of which must be scholarly and peer-reviewed.

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All case analyses must include the six sections in the table below, although some instructors may require additional elements. Use headings to identify these sections in the case analyses.

Required Components of Case Analyses


Briefly identify the major elements (i.e., who, where, what) of the case.

Contextual Analysis

Summarize internal and external issues that created or sustain the problem (i.e., why). Depending on the system level, these may include: cultural, economic/resource, political/legal, organizational, social, and ethical issues, interpersonal relationships, and intrapsychic and biological conditions. Use and cite professional sources (and include APA-style references).

Problem Statement

Give a specific and concisely written formulation of the problem to guide analysis and problem-solving. Not a question but a statement of the problem. Usually no more than two sentences.

Alternative Strategies

Identify three or more possible solutions to the problem. These solutions should be plausible, distinct and non-contingent (i.e., not interdependent). Briefly note advantages and disadvantages of each possible solution for addressing the problem.


Justify your preferred strategy, explaining why you selected that particular one, how it best resolves the problem, and how you will determine its effectiveness. Be sure your recommended strategy can be plausibly supported by resources available in the case context.

Ways of Knowing

Self-reflectively identify the source for your thinking about this case. For example, did you base it on previous experience, intuition, specific theories, personal values, authority, empirical research, previous discussion of similar problems, or something else?

Case Evaluation Matrix

Problem Statement

Contextual Analysis

Alternative Strategies


“Thinking like a SWer”



Accurate, clear, specific, concise, and useful

Adequately addresses all important issues

Several distinct and appropriate strategies, with well-developed pros/cons for each



In this section of the marketing and communication plan, you will develop specific marketing strategies to support the service you are proposing for Bellevue Hospital. In addition, you will explain the communication strategies you will use to involve the internal and external stakeholders of the healthcare organization that will be impacted by the proposed service.

Note that the stakeholders are unique from your target market. These stakeholders are the individuals who will either partner with you to employ the plan or be impacted by the implementation of the plan.

1. Directions / Rubric attached

2. Previous paper attached for reference…assignment continues on from the paper

Cover Letter

Find a specific job opening posted online within the last 9 months. You will develop a Job Application Cover Letter (as though you were applying to that position) that highlights and emphasizes why you are the most suitable candidate for this position. For the purposes of this assignment, you can present yourself as a recent graduate if needed.

Complete the cover letter on page 1 of the submission and then include a link to the job posting on page 2 (a copy and paste of the link is acceptable and the link must work). To compose the letter, use the general writing guidelines on pp. 277-278 in the text for structural and content guidance. Note: An example can be found on p. 250, Figure 13.8.

The message should take the form of a business letter; however, you will submit your assignment to the online course shell.

The job letter / application message must adhere to the following requirements:
1. Content
a. Highlight relevant background and job history information specific to the opening.
b. Emphasize significant qualifications and exclude nonessential ideas.
2. Format
a. Follow proper letter formatting techniques per business letter format.
b. Use an appropriate and professional greeting and closing.
3. Style
a. Use professional language.
b. Paragraphs effectively developed and efficient. Note: Six (6) or seven (7) lines when possible.
4. Mechanics
a. Ensure there are no grammar or spelling errors.
b. Eliminate wordiness and unclear sentence construction.

Your assignment must be typed, single-spaced paragraphs and double spaced between the paragraphs, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides.
The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are:
1. Plan, create, and evaluate professional documents.
2. Write clearly, coherently, and persuasively using proper grammar and mechanics, and formatting appropriate to the situation.
3. Deliver professional information to various audiences using appropriate tone, style, and format.
4. Develop presentation skills for use in the professional environment.


HIS 114 Final Project Milestone Two Guidelines And Rubric

Overview: In the first milestone for the final project, you established the three starting points that you are going to investigate for your final paper. You

identified the cause of the event, when the event started and finished, and the major figures involved in the event. For this milestone, you will be asked to

research the surrounding context of the event. In other words, you must understand the trends surrounding the event and the relationship between the trends

and the event. Trends can be the policies that the event has gone against, the political turmoil caused by the event, or the cultural issues.

Note: In the earlier tasks in this module, you discovered the historical trends and supported them with scholarly sources. In this milestone, you will now combine

that information and explain how these surrounding trends impact and relate to your historical event.

Remember, the sources you are using should come only from the provided list to ensure that they are scholarly and essential to the time period.

Prompt: Explain the significance of the major trends of the time period and explain how those trends relate to or impact your chosen historical event. In other

words, why were the trends that defined this historical age important, and what is the relationship between those trends and the event?

Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:

I. Establish the Context: In this section, you will write multiple paragraphs using information from the course regarding the time period in which your

historical event took place. You will use this section to set the stage for your argument. This section of your essay must include the following:

A. Illustrate the larger historical setting.

1. Identify major trends relevant to your chosen historical event.

2. Explain the significance of the major trends of the time period, connecting the trends to your chosen historical event. In other words,

why were the trends that defined this historical age important, and what is the relationship between those trends and the event?

Guidelines for Submission: Your paper must be submitted as a 2- to 3-page Microsoft Word document with double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font,

one-inch margins, and at least one primary and one secondary source from the provided list cited in APA or Turabian format.

Instructor Feedback: This activity uses an integrated rubric in Blackboard. Students can view instructor feedback in the Grade Center. For more information,

2 Page Paper (Due In 8 Hours)

The paper instructions is under attachment Paper #1 and the Introduction gives you the details under the course

PAD 599 Week 5 DB 1 & 2

PAD 599 Week 5

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DB 1

“In Politics”

Please respond to the following:

Some top administrators believe that they should welcome congressional oversight in areas in which committees or members have legitimate concerns. Discuss two or three (2-3) reasons a public administrator might hold this view.

DB 2

“Agency Legislation”

Please respond to the following:

Using the e-Activity, discuss one or two current rulings and comment on how the agency head is impacted by one or two political environments in which the agency must operate

(refer to Figure 2.4 in Chapter 2).

Final Project Part II: Executive Email (Electronic Medical Records For :Wall County)

Please see attachments.

You will assume the role of the healthcare management executive to whom the proposal was directed. You will draft a brief executive email communication directed to all employees of the organization, in which you will explain the issue that was originally presented in the scenario, as well as the solution you will implement. Consider how you will justify your reasoning to your employees. This email message should be brief and appropriate in tone and content for the intended audience.

Specifically, your email communication must address the following critical elements:

I. Introduction: Identify yourself as a management executive and identify the issue.

II. Explanation of Factual Background   

A. Explain the policy-making processes you identified above. In your explanation, be sure to explain how the processes will impact the organization. You should assume that your audience knows nothing about traditional policy-making processes.

B. Describe which methods for financing, evaluating, and improving healthcare delivery, operations, and facilities are implicated. Assume your audience needs only basic information about these methods in order to understand the reasoning for your decision.

C. Identify and briefly describe public health policy and population-health programs related to the issue. Call to attention any programs with particular relevance to the organization.

D. Discuss how the issue implicates principles of budgeting, governance, and strategic planning. Approach this discussion from the perspective of organizational employees who want to know how the issue may impact their work.

III. Next Steps and Organizational Impact  

A. Explain the solution you will implement. Be direct with employees.

B. Discuss how the solution you will implement will improve population health for patients of the organization. Organizational employees may be more committed to change if there is a clear link to health improvement.

C. Describe how the solution you will implement will utilize healthcare delivery principles and technology available within the organization or using principles and technology that must be deployed in the future.

D. Discuss how your solution will use budgeting, governance, and strategic-planning principles to promote quality and organizational improvement within the organization.

Guidelines for Submission: Your executive email should be brief (1 page maximum), formatted with 12-point Times New Roman font and one-inch margins. Any citations or references that might be necessary should be formatted according to current APA guidelines.

Milestone : Electronic Medical Records Recommendations (Wall County)

Please see attachment for scenario

Overview: For this assignment, you will submit a draft of the Recommendations section of the proposal. Your recommendations should build logically on the factual overview and analysis sections of your draft proposal. Set forth your recommendations in an overview paragraph. From there, be sure to support each recommendation by referencing your analysis and building on key conclusions. Keep this milestone organized by walking through each recommendation in turn. Before you submit this milestone, reread it and ask, are there any logic gaps? Do your recommendations make sense in light of your analysis? Are there any issues you have not addressed? Do not overlook financial and operations issues throughout. You should acknowledge challenges, resolve them, and move on.

Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:

IV. Recommended Solution

A. Recommend an appropriate solution to respond to the issue in the scenario.

B. Explain how your recommended solution can be deployed using the policymaking processes you identified above.

C. Discuss how your recommended solution will improve population health, and how you will communicate this information to the general populace. Be sure to substantiate your claims.

D. Describe how your recommended solution utilizes healthcare delivery principles and technology.

E. Discuss how your recommended solution utilizes budgeting, governance, and strategic-planning principles to promote quality and organizational improvement.

F. Explain how the methods for financing, evaluating, and improving healthcare delivery, operations, and facilities support your proposed solution to manage behavior and healthcare delivery.

Guidelines for Submission: Milestone Three should follow these formatting guidelines: 2–3 pages in length submitted in MS Word format, double spaced, with 12-point Times New Roman font, one-inch margins, and at least 4 citations in APA style. Cite your sources within the text of your paper and on the reference page.