Century Global Business Environment

Century Global Business Environment


Change is something that is part of everyday life in our dynamic 21st-century global business environment. Managers play a pivotal role in leading change. If change is such a norm in our business environment today, why is organizational change so complicated? Why do people resist change? Of the five elements required for successful change (which we covered in Chapter 11), which element do you think managers are most likely to overlook? Explain. 

Discussions: There is a two (2) post minimum (i.e. initial post and response post) for each Discussion. Your initial post for a Discussion assignment is worth up to 20 points and should be at least 150 words. In order to earn the additional 20 points, you should provide a critical response of at least 100 words to the post of at least one other student. There are only 5 Discussions in this course, and each Discussion is worth 40 points. You must demonstrate your knowledge of the fundamental concepts that are proposed in order to receive full credit for a Discussion. I want to see that you are thinking critically and interacting with your peers during the weeks’ Discussions are assigned. VERY IMPORTANT: Once the time allotted for a Discussion has expired, that Discussion will no longer be available. 

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