Cite Two Specific Examples

Cite Two Specific Examples

Questions and Response Prompts

Part I

  1. In your own words, describe what you interpret a “cultural narrative” to be.
  2. In the slide that focused on  “dominant cultural narratives” you were asked to think about a time at which you “propagated” / “experienced” the presentation of  a dominant cultural narrative in a teaching situation. Share that time and explain what about it made you think it was representative of a “dominant cultural narrative.”
  3. What kind of “feelings” or “emotions” were present when you were listening to the community narratives? Try to explain this a bit. This response should be at least 5 sentences.
  4. The students in the videos gave their “personal narratives” from the perspective of either an “undocumented citizen” or a “gay/lesbian/queer teen.” If you were to give your personal narrative, what “perspective” would you give it from? Why do you think this would be the most relevant frame? This response should be at least 5 sentences.
  5. Consider  the concepts of “individualism” versus “collectivism” (Imada 2012). What is your understanding of individualism and collectivism?
  6. What role do you think individualism plays in American curriculum? Cite two specific examples from the curriculum to demonstrate your point. These can be directly from your experience, or general examples with which you are familiar. This response should be at least 5 sentences.

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