Complete Lesson Planning Using

Complete Lesson Planning Using

Lesson Plan Portfolio 

Lesson plans are utilized in early childhood settings to outline the goals for the children’s learning, teaching methods and materials, and the environmental design of a classroom. Essentially, lesson plans are a teacher’s guide for instruction. Typically, a monthly theme is identified and each week teachers plan activities around a subtopic of the theme. Teachers have the flexibility to extend the curriculum and instructional activities based on the children’s interests. 

For this assignment, students will discuss how to complete lesson planning using developmentally appropriate practices, and write lesson plans for young children. Students will then put together a portfolio of sample plans focusing on the growth and development of math, science, social studies, and gross-motor development skills for preschool children. 

Portfolio Components to include:1) Title Page2) Table of Contents3) Section 1: Writing Developmentally Appropriate Lesson Plans4) Section 2: Thematic Unit     a) Infant Thematic Unit          i) Description         ii) Infant Thematic Web Map        iii) Infant Changes to the Environment       iv) Activity Plan     b) Toddler Thematic Unit          i) Description         ii) Thematic Web Map        iii) Changes to the Environment        iv) Activity Plan  c) Preschool Thematic Unit      i) Description     ii) Thematic Web Map     iii) Changes to the Environment     iv) Activity Plan  d) Pre-K/K Thematic Unit       i) Description      ii) Thematic Web Map     iii) Changes to the Environment     iv) Specific Activity Plan5) Section 3: Thematic Unit Reflection     a) Written Reflection6) Section 4: Thematic Unit Drafts & Peer Review/Feedback (see section for specifics)     a) Checkpoints     b) Activity Plans7) Reference Pagea) Include all references from each section8) APA Formatting 

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