Completely Different Musical Affect

Completely Different Musical Affect

Each of you will sign up for a five-minute slot once during the semester to present a piece of music for the class. You may pull up your example on YouTube, Spotify, etc., bring in a digital file, or even perform on a instrument. Think about music that is meaningful or interesting to you.

Some considerations:

  • Choose a piece that is 3-4 minutes long, or if longer, find the best/most representative 3–4-minute segment.
  • Your piece does not have to be classical or any genre that we cover in class. It may also be from another culture.
  • If your song contains words, especially in another language, consider finding an English-subtitled video to share
  • Clean versions of songs are preferable but can have a completely different musical affect. If you feel that the language is important to the meaning of the music, you may share the original version with warning to the class.
  • Please give any necessary warnings about other challenging content, including, sexual allusions, violence, gunshot sounds, etc.

A good presentation should answer most of the following questions:

  1. What is the music and who composed/performed it? When was is first released?
  2. Is it part of a larger work or specific album? Where does it fall in the artist’s output?
  3. What are any lyrics about and/or what is the artist trying to express through the music?
  4. Why do you like this music and want to share it with the class?
  5. What musical features do you hear that make the music effective

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