Conduct Research Using Ucc

Conduct Research Using Ucc

You are going to start work on a research paper. So, it’s time to select a topic as per your interest. Also, you should browse that topic to know if you can find enough material on it. You have to choose one option and start looking for authentic data on that topic. Once you select the topic of your research paper, post your feedback (a half page) considering the following criteria;

  • In this unit, you learned about how to conduct research using UCC library databases. Using what you learned about conducting research, what sort of topics did you begin searching for? How did you narrow down your choices from your broader ideas to something more suited to a 7-8 page paper? What are two or three possibilities that you are considering based on your research as potential research topics?

 Topic as per your Major Area of Studies


  • Choose interesting topics from your Major and do some research on the latest topics from a research point of view

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