Contrast Two Characters Using

Contrast Two Characters Using



In the episode, “The Tyrant,” Chase, Cameron, and Foreman treat a political leader whose regime is accused of promoting genocide. Please use only the characters Chase, Cameron, or Foreman in answering the question.

For this paper, you may choose to answer one of the following. Please identify which question you are answering.


A. Choose one character (from the list above) and analyze his/her treatment and ethical decisions regarding the case and the character of the tyrant using two ethical models.* In your estimation, did the character you choose make an ethically defensible decision?


B. Compare or Contrast two characters using one ethical model* and determine which character made the better overall decision regarding the treatment of the tyrant ethically, based on the circumstances according to the model.

The models you should use are Svara’s Ethical Triangle; Kohlberg’s Stages of Moral Development; or Narvaez’s Triune Ethics Theory.

The writing you submit must meet the following requirements:

  • Write 500-750 word response.
  • Provide the reference where you obtained the current event article, the author, and the published date using MLA style.

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