Cosentino Et Al

Cosentino Et Al


Spiritual nursing is instrumental to the provision of holistic care. One of the tools that can be used to evaluate spirituality is AMEN (Affirm, Meet, Educate, No Matter What). This tool is instrumental in helping patients navigate a poor prognosis. Nurses can use AMEN to engage their patients and families in difficult conversations about the religious beliefs of the patient during such scenarios. This way, the patient preserves their hope and faith since their belief has been affirmed despite the nature of the prognosis (Cosentino et al., 2020). It also allows nurses to confirm that they are supportive to the patients no matter what happens to them in the course of their treatment. Another tool that can be used to evaluate spirituality is Brief Serenity Scale. This tool is mostly effective for patients with organ failure. It can also be used for individuals with chronic illnesses. Using this scale to evaluate a patient’s spirituality allows them to have inner peace regardless of their situation (Cosentino et al., 2020). This way, the patient and their family members become content with the prognosis.

Another tool that can be used to evaluate spirituality is the level of cultural competence among the nurses. Hu et al. (2019) note that cultural and religious differences may affect the ability of nurses to extend spiritual care. However, if the nurses are culturally competent, they will understand the essence of finding a person who can offer spiritual care to their patients (Hu et al., 2019). The frequency at which spiritual care is extended is also an important evaluation tool for spirituality. This means that nurses must recognize patient cues in regards to receive spiritual care (Hu et al., 2019). Nurses must also be willing to support patients in meeting the specifics of spiritual care. This way, they will have advanced spirituality in nursing practice and towards their patients.

One of the student learning outcomes that have been achieved through this discussion is the evaluation of nursing models which focus on the spiritual wellbeing of patients. The evaluation of such models demonstrates that there is more to nursing care beyond the medical and physical care offered to patients. The discussion demonstrates that patients who are spiritual tend to have lesser suicidal or depressive thoughts. Understanding that aspect of healthcare is important since it challenges nurses to offer more than physical healing and focus on the spiritual and emotional wellbeing of their patients. Thus, this discussion allows one to understand the essence of spirituality in nursing care.


200 words and one scholarly reference 

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