“ Crisis Case Handling

“ Crisis Case Handling


To Prepare:

  • Review the Roles, Responsibilities, and Self-care of Crisis Responders media program found in the Learning Resources and consider the roles and responsibilities of a professional counselor during a crisis.
  • Create a section in your Crisis Response Portfolio called “Roles and Responsibilities” .

In your section called “Roles and Responsibilities” of your Crisis Response Portfolio, include:

  • Under Ethical Responsibilities: Please include ethical considerations for autonomy, informed consent, and confidentiality.
  • Under Legal Considerations:  Discuss legal considerations and mandated reporting criteria identified by your state
    • You can find additional information and training my Google searching your state and mandated reporter training. This training provides valuable information and provides you with a certificate of training that you can include in your resume.
    • Please include child, elder, and at-risk population abuse or neglect.
    • Also include the duty to warn in your state.
    • Additionally, include the phone number you would call to report.
  • Under Volunteer Opportunities: Discuss at least one volunteer opportunity or organization that you find interesting that is not Red Cross.
  • Go to https://www.ready.gov/get-involved#volunteerLinks to an external site.
  • Here you will find different organizations and opportunities
  • Please describe the organization.
  • Provide a brief summary of the services they provide and an opportunity you may have to support the community.


  • James, R. K., & Gilliland, B. E. (2017). Crisis intervention strategies (8th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage Learning.
    • Chapter 1, “Approaching Crisis Intervention”
    • Chapter 5, “Crisis Case Handling”
    • Chapter 15, “Legal and Ethical Issues on Crisis of Trauma”


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