Damages Awards Ultimately Mean

Damages Awards Ultimately Mean

 Please prepare this assignment in Times New Roman 12 pt. type, double-spaced. Please be sure to put your name, the course name, and the assignment name on your submission.

 Your discussion should be at least 2 pages. 

. Part 1 

1. Which torts protect against the intentional interference with persons? 

2. What is the concept of proximate cause which is found as an element in negligence? How does the definition of proximate cause compare to actual causation? Courts take different approaches and use different standards when applying the concept of proximate cause. How does foreseeability fit in the causation framework?  

3. Please discuss the Black v. William Insulation Co. case excerpt in Chapter 7 beginning on page 7-22. Be sure to discuss the various approaches to proximate cause found in the case excerpt. 

4. Should the application of the concept of proximate cause be expanded to allow recovery in more cases, or should it be limited to reduce the frequency and amounts of recovery? Why? Please explain and support your answer with reasoning, answering the question “Why?”. 

Part 2 

1. Large damages awards in tort litigation by someone. If the defendant is insured, then insurance companies pay the bill. Ultimately, though, high insurance rates are passed on to consumers of goods and services in the United States. Will tort reform that reduces the size and number of damages awards ultimately mean lower costs of goods and services? Will tort reform lead to higher risks associated with services and products? 

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