Debra Bradley Ruderarticlehttps

Debra Bradley Ruderarticlehttps

Choose 3 sources to learn about the teenage brain. At least one of your choices must be the documentary or podcast. Highlight your choices.


CBC: Ideas, Radio for the Mind. “Inside the Teenage Brain”

Podcast (54 minutes)


“The Teen Brain” by Debra Bradley Ruder



“Inside the Teenage Brain”


(50 minutes)


“The Mysterious Workings of the Adolescent Brain”

by Sarah-Jayne Blakemoe

Ted Talk (14 minutes)


“Why Teens are Wired for Risk”

Elizabeth Landau, CNN



“Inside the Teenage Brain”

by Judith Newman


Step 2: Take bullet point notes for each resource you choose (Highlight the main points from each video/article – be sure to include specific details, statistics, examples etc.)

Source #1:

Source #2:

Source #3:

Step 3: Nurturing a Teenage Brain Brochure/Poster:

Create a double-sided brochure or poster based on the Teenage Brain using the facts you have gathered. Consider your audience being parents of pre-teens or adolescents.

Areas of Focus to Include:

What makes the teenage brain unique?

How does the teenage brain different than a child or adults’ brain?

What are the risk/safety factors linked to the development of the teenage brain?

How is the teenage brain reflected by teenager’s thoughts and actions?

What are the individual and/or societal benefits of the teenage brain?

How can parents/educators support individuals through the teenage years?

Be sure to:

Check spelling and grammar

Use a free (recommended) template of your choice

Submit both your resource bullet points and brochure/poster to D2L

reference required

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