Define Three Words New

Define Three Words New


 WRite  Annotation about one page to one and  one a half-page and after that the  Discussion Questions

After thoroughly annotating the article, answer the following questions. Type your answers
and hand them in with the annotated article.

1. List and define three words new to your vocabulary.
2. What is the Forbes 500?
3. What are the humanities?
4. Why is the value of higher education in question for those in the computer technology world?
5. How did Kuner’s work in dance help her in the technology field?
6. Based on the information in this article, how would you advise the students at Washington, DC
Dunbar High School who just met Jeff Bezos? What should they keep in mind as they think about
jobs in technology?
7. What skills from your field would help you excel in a STEM major? If you are majoring
             in a technological field, what skills/courses from the humanities might benefit your performance?  

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