Developing Content Knowledgepassion 4

Developing Content Knowledgepassion 4

EDL 660& 778 

1)     Chapter Two Discussion Board: Share Your Passion Discussion Board

Reflect on the assignment, Pick Your Passion.  Choose the MOST intriguing passion from your assignment and copy it to this discussion board. Include a brief paragraph justifying your choice.  As your classmates post their most intriguing passion, comment on their post and respond whether their post changes your opinion of that particular passion.

 Passion 1: Helping an Individual Child

Passion 2: Desire to Improve or Enrich Curriculum

Passion 3: Focus on Developing Content Knowledge

Passion 4: Desire to Improve or Experiment with Teaching Strategies and Teaching Techniques

Passion 5: Desire to Explore the Relationship Between Your Beliefs and Your Classroom Practice

Passion 6: The Intersection of Your Personal and Professional Identities

Passion 7: Advocating for Equity and Social Justice

Passion 8: Focus on Understanding the Teaching and Learning Context

2)     Online Discussion – Federal and State Laws, Court and Agency impact on Public Schools (initial post is due Wed)

Please answer the following question on the discussion board. All expectations and requirements are below the question.

How do federal and state laws, courts and agencies impact public schools?  (Refer to text and info given in class session 1 for resources) Also include possible impact of legislation previously debated in the Mississippi legislature. Quote at least one house or senate bill from the 2020 legislative session link.  

3)     Discussion 4

Explain the importance of training and exercising your Emergency Response Plans?

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