Docx Download Twr Week

Docx Download Twr Week

Chapter Six Try It Application Exercise

Part I

After reading the text and reviewing the corresponding power point slides you will now apply your knowledge in the following “Try It” exercises. 

These are exercises that are meant to be used with your students in the classroom.  To gain a better understanding of the process, you will complete them. 

Complete the activity which is worth 10 points.

TWR Week Six Try It.docx Download TWR Week Six Try It.docx 

Part II

Video Analysis (Summarizing)

Review the following video.  The video is approximately 3 minutes. 

For the video, answer the following question:

What do you see the teacher doing in the video that is effective in regard to the skill being taught?

Write one paragraph (5 sentences) minimum (and no more than 2 paragraphs) for your video response.

The response is worth 10 points.

Ms. McGinn, 6th grade: Summary Sentence (

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