Employees ’ Skill Levels

Employees ’ Skill Levels

Respond to the following bullets in a 3- to 5, which will include 2 Appendices. 

  • Begin with an introduction and then provide a summary of the case study.

  • Prepare a needs assessment to analyze both employees’ skill levels identified in the scenario. 

  • Based on the needs assessment, prepare an analysis of what should have happened, and what actually did happen, in the scenario. 

  • Based on the needs assessment, evaluate the appropriateness among possible choices of action (strategies), including discipline, development, improvement, or termination for the two employees. 

  • As a Human Resources professional, create a performance improvement plan for each employee that outlines the following: 
    • Expected behaviors;
    • Metrics for improvement;
    • Required action steps;
    • Consequences for not meeting the plan’s expected outcomes; 
    • Their manager’s role.

  • Prepare instructions for the manager on how to conduct a meeting with each employee about improvements and consequences.

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