Et Al Thomson

Et Al Thomson

Chapter 9 – Rounds and Dyads

  1. From all the examples of rounds in the chapter and in class, which do you see as the most useful and potentially the most effective? Explain.
  2. How do you envision yourself making use of dyads in your group work? Explain.

Chapter 10 – Exercises

  1. Of all the exercises described in this chapter, which three could you envision using on a regular basis, and which ones do you know you’ll never use and why? 
  2.  Research and describe a specific group exercises not discussed in the class that would fit your leadership style and future clientele.

Book: Group Counseling: Strategies and Skills (8th ed.) (2015) by Ed E. Jacobs, et al., Thomson Brooks/Cole. ISBN 978-1-111-87052-2

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