Evaluate Local Public Health

Evaluate Local Public Health

– APA -7 format, in-text citations, references include, 6 pages

– Topic: Read the Michael Counte Chapter 1( attached below) then

      – CLO.1.  Analyze the root and immediate causes contributing to health insecurity in a given region or nation.  

      – CL0.6.  Plan supply, support, communication, and information management services for global health operations.

While analyzing case assess:

  1. What resource environment this case is relevant to? How does it affect the disease impact on the population health? Why?
  2. Evaluate local public health structures and activities that exist to address this issue?
  3. Evaluate international efforts that are in place to address this matter?
  4. Offer assessment of the One Health approach used to address the matter. 
  5. What are the positive lessons? What needs to be done to maximize them?
  6. What are the negative lessons and deficiencies? Why? 
  7. What can be done to overcome them? 

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