Experienced Greater Job Losses

Experienced Greater Job Losses

These discussion questions pertain to chapters 15, 17, and through 18 in the OpenStax textbook and additional readings in the module. Choose one question to answer. Cite your sources. The word count for your response must be 200-300 words.

1- According to the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, women have experienced greater job losses than men in the February to May 2020 period. Why? In what fields?

2- and provide a response to this in 200-300 words.

The national COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on everyone. The pandemic has negatively impacted women’s employment. Looking back at history, women have always been behind men when it comes to employment and wages. In the introduction of sociology textbook the author examines the U.S census and women’s wages and states, “U.S. Census statistics show that they are still earning only 81 percent of what men are for the same positions” (Introduction to Sociology 18.3). Even before the COVID-19 pandemic women were not hired or paid as much as men were. When looking more closely at the workforce during and now recovering from this pandemic, the gap between men and women is still prominent. The Institute for Women’s Policy Research claims that out of the 701,000 jobs lost, 58.8% were lost by women. With social distancing and staying at home mandates, women prominent jobs, such as jobs dealing with leisure and hospitality, were lost. Another factor that has led to the decrease of women in the workforce today, is the idea that women are seen as the primary caretakers. With school closing and going virtual during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, someone had to stay home and look after the children. With society’s idea of women being the primary ones to look after and care for children, most women were the ones to stay home. As the world begins to recover from the craziness of the pandemic, hopefully the gap between men and women in the workforce begins to close.

Hegewisch, Ariane. “Women Lost More Jobs than Men in Almost All Sectors of the Economy.” IWPR, 25 July 2020, https://iwpr.org/iwpr-issues/esme/women-lost-more-jobs-than-men-in-almost-all-sectors-of-the-economy/. 

“Introduction of Sociology .” OpenStax, https://openstax.org/details/books/introduction-sociology-3e.   

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