Following Mini Case Study

Following Mini Case Study

Please read the following mini case study attached. After reading that, you will need to do the following:

First, prepare a one-page brief explaining the source of conflict and the cultural dimensions behind it. This will be a separate document in word.

Then, you will prepare PowerPoint slides to provide employees with information about Parlatech’s performance-based promotion system (as you envision it). Your presentation should clearly 

  • identify characteristics of organizational and societal culture, 
  • explain the conflict, 
  • discuss the relevant differences in cultural values behind the conflict, and 
  • describe how Parlatech will implement your performance-based system that prioritizes equity and rewarding high performance. 

Support your explanations and your promotion system with evidence from your readings and/or other research. Please use the attached material attached as references and please refer to the rubric attached.

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