Forensic Psychology Professional Must

Forensic Psychology Professional Must

 Discussion: Civil Commitment for Mental Health Problems—Ethical or Not Ethical?

Need 2 paragraphs and Citation. 

Civil commitment for mental health problems consists of temporary confinement in a secured psychiatric facility for evaluation or treatment. The legal criteria for this typically include that the individual has presented a danger to self or others and/or is unable or unwilling to seek mental health treatment to reduce these risks. Because civil commitment occurs against one’s will, there are ethical issues related to depriving someone of their freedom and requiring them to be in psychiatric care. Given the APA ethical guidelines, the forensic psychology professional must take a decision about civil commitment seriously. This includes weighing the risks as well as the pros and cons for an individual, as well as for others in the community.

For your Discussion, you will explore your empathy-bias about whether civil commitment is consistent with APA ethical guidelines and practice setting this aside in order to argue one side of the issue. The Instructor will assign you a position to either support civil commitment or to argue against it, based on ethical grounds.

 Explain the position you were assigned and whether it is ethical to commit someone for mental health problems.

  • Identify at least one ethical guideline that you believe supports the position you were assigned and explain how the ethical guideline pertains to civil commitment.
  • Describe at least one case that supports the position you were assigned.
  • Support the position with at least three main critical points. Justify those points with scholarly content and references concerning mental health problems.

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