Future Professional Stem Practice

Future Professional Stem Practice

Assessment Description

Inquiry-based learning is an instructional method that promotes curiosity, exploration, and ownership of learning. It is relevant to STEM instruction because it revolves around the curiosity of students and promotes problem-solving and ownership of learning in the classroom.

Part 1: Presentation

Create an 8-10 slide digital presentation that explains inquiry-based instruction to future STEM teachers and how it can be implemented in the classroom.

Your digital presentation should include:

  • State standard within your content area and a learning objective that could be used for cross-disciplinary inquiry-based instruction.
  • Detailed description of inquiry-based learning and a rationale for STEM classroom implementation.
  • Example of an inquiry-based learning experience that makes use of the academic language and engages in conceptual understanding in the content area.
  • Two examples of digital resources that would assist in implementing real-world inquiry-based learning methods in STEM instruction to promote curiosity and exploration, and foster ownership of learning.
  • Title slide, reference slide, and presenter notes.

Part 2: Reflection

Along with your presentation, include a 250-500 word reflection on the importance of including inquiry-based learning as an instructional method when teaching STEM.

  • How are inquiry-based instructional methods well-suited to cross-disciplinary instruction in STEM content areas?
  • What are some benefits and challenges of implementing inquiry based instruction?
  • How will you implement inquiry-based learning in your future professional STEM practice?

Support your presentation and reflection with 2-4 scholarly resources.

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