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The purpose of this Assignment is to get you thinking about your Five-day Instructional Unit, which will be due in Unit 6. You should plan to work on your Instructional Unit a little bit each week.

For this Assignment, think about the topic and learning objectives of your Five-day Instructional Unit. You may want to orient your curriculum around a theme (e.g., “change” or the relationship between individual and society; themes that are important in many academic disciplines); an entity (e.g., a literary text or an event or trend); a skill (e.g., conjugating verbs or understanding and applying the Pythagorean Theorem), or a sensibility (e.g., understanding and appreciating “perspective” in drawing). Do not be afraid to think “outside the box” for your discipline. Consider units that are oriented in non-traditional ways (e.g., a social studies unit not based on an event but on the acquisition of map-reading skills. Alternatively, a Language Arts unit based not on the entity of a book but on a particular theme, etc.).

Before you begin your Assignment, view this interaction about writing objectives.

Include the following information in your plan and use the Unit 1 Assignment template to complete it:

  • Decide on a central focus or theme for your Instructional Unit. The topic should be from the primary academic curriculum.
  • Select the content standard(s) that are related to your topic/theme.
  • Determine the “know” and “do” for your content standard.
  • Determine the necessary vocabulary in order to understand the standard.
  • Include as many learning objectives in your plan warranting 5 days of instruction. These important learning objectives will become your lesson topics and should include concepts, principles, and skills encompassed in your topic/theme.
  • Identify each type of learning objective (Thinking, Content, or Product).

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