Hands Start “ Shaking

Hands Start “ Shaking

Carlos is a 25 year old male who works as a bartender in a major hotel. He works from 4 pm to 12 am 4 days a week. Due to the nature of his work, he usually engages with a lot of customers, and he is allowed to “have a few drinks at work.” He feels that his alcohol consumption is “probably getting out of control.” In his days off, he likes to have a few drinks during the day. He notices that if he stops drinking for a day, his hands start “shaking” and it goes away when he has a drink. He does not want to get hooked on alcohol, so he came to the clinic for help to quit. He is willing to try anything to get clean and sober.  

5. Include a member(s) of the healthcare team in the scenario with specific duties

6. Create a teaching plan and a comprehensive treatment plan for this patient

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