Help Businesses Increase Brand

Help Businesses Increase Brand

 Send me a list of 5 questions for EACH of the following fields: 

 Creative Agency

  • This agency develops and implements imaginative solutions to help businesses increase brand awareness, better showcase products or services, and ultimately, increase profits. Their services include video production, graphic design, social media materials, creative strategies, and much more.
  • Who I will be interviewing: Micah Pendleton, owner of Caution Glass
  • If you would like to get a better idea of the agency I will be interviewing, you can check out his company’s website here: https://www.cautionglass.comLinks to an external site.
  • Broadcast television, ABC-affiliate
    • Broadcast television provides advertising to a highly targeted audience. I will be interviewing a Local Marketing Executive for an ABC-affiliate. Her position specializes in B2C sales creating television commercials that can be aired via broadcast, OTT (over-the-top), and digital platforms. Her digital platforms include SEO, SEM, Banner Ads, Social Media Marketing, etc.
    • Who I will be interviewing: Deana Pforte, Marketing Executive for WDHN in Dothan, AL
    • You can check out her company’s website here: https://www.wdhn.comLinks to an external site.
  • Radio
    • Radio advertising works by allowing advertisers to buy airtime on various radio stations, where they can air commercials, or spots, about their products of services. 
    • Who I will be interviewing: Sabrina De Jong, Marketing Executive for WOOF-FM radio
    • You can check out her company’s website here:

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