Help Clients Feel Better

Help Clients Feel Better

Module 14 Assignment: HRQL and Applying Feeling to Exercise in a Case Scenario: 

Part One: Provide an answer to the following question: 

  • Describe quality of life, health related quality of life and how you select measures for determining health related quality of life.

Part Two: Choose a particular disease or disability (e.g., heart disease, hearing loss) and conduct an Internet search to find a questionnaire measuring HRQL, designed specifically for people who have this particular condition.

  • After you have found the measure, in part two, include the website link to your found questionnaire and explain what types of information the questionnaire measures for that condition related to health related quality of life.
  • Next, answer the following question, if you were to administer this measure to patients at the start of an exercise program and then three months into the exercise program, how do you think their responses to the questionnaire would change?

Part Three: Review the case scenario below and answer the question reflecting on what you learned from the review of materials from this module. (Note: There was also information presented in the previous module that is also applicable to answering this question too.)

  • Case Scenario: You are studying the effects of aerobic exercise on the progression of a newly identified disease. Although blood samples reveal that exercise is curbing disease progress, patients are fatigued after working out and are beginning to not enjoy the exercise prescribed. What are some methods you could use to help clients feel better during exercise?

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