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This midterm exam requires you to apply the material to a social setting with which you are very familiar. These include, or are not limited to, your church, a Greek Organization, Tennessee State University, a non-profit organization or business.  Alternatively, you may watch a film and use this social setting to answer the questions.  There are two films that work really well, Dead Poets Society or Chocolat.   If you have another film that you would enjoy using for this exam, be sure to clear it with me before you start the exam.  Each answer should address all the concepts included in the question and explain how these apply to your selected social setting.  I anticipate you will need to write roughly 200 to 250 words to completely answer the question.  Please use 12 font and double space (have pity on my eyes).

2.  Given the social setting you chose, how would Blumer understand the social interactions taking place?  Also, explain how Blumer (actually also, Mead) would view the interactions of someone in the “privileged” group compared to someone from a more marginalized position within this social setting.  Be sure to fully articulate the process of how reflexivity shapes “self”.

3.  This question moves on to dramaturgy—chose at least two people that are recognized leaders in your social setting.  Describe how each use frame differently to convey their authority and subtly (or maybe less subtly) demand deference.  How do other actors give this deference?  Provide at least one example where someone has lost face, and the strategies used to recover.

4.  Take one example from your social setting or selected film and describe how this situation was reflexively organized.  Describe how accountability, indexicality and the documentary method functioned to reflexively organize social this social event.

5.  What are three examples of deviant behavior in your selected film or social setting?  How would Merton explain these instances of deviance?  Be sure to use the concepts of anomie, structural strain and reference group in your answer.






the Fall, 2019, Midterm examThe evaluation of your exam is linked to the learning objectives described in your course syllabus.Each question is worth up to 20 points. An “A” essay: 19-20 pointsAnswers the all parts of the specific central questions that were askedIncorporates pertinent and detailed information from assigned readings, linked course material and homework assignments. Provides reallife examples of all concepts.Maintains focus/avoids being sidetracked by tangentsPresents all information clearly and concisely and in an organized mannerDoes much more than merely restate the question and offer a brief responseAvoids distracting grammar/spelling/etc. problem.

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