Help Service Members Better

Help Service Members Better

Applying Health Psychology Discussion Post

  • Read to following 3 articles and Chapter 9:

1. How to Become a Health Psychologist –

2. Pursuing a Career in Health Psychology –

3. Clinical Health Psychology –

Chapter 9 Link –

  • The discussion prompt: Based on your goals, address all of the following topics associated with health psychology and how you can potentially use this information to support your goals, whether in the health field or other discipline. Remember that you can use your knowledge in these areas in differing ways. For example, if you are working in HR, you may be able to use this knowledge to support employee wellness. If you are working as an educator, confidentiality is very important.
  • Address all the following topics and identify how knowledge of health psychology can be beneficial to supporting my organizational and personal goals:

– Nutrition and Exercise in the U.S. Army. My goals is to support employee wellness.

– Effective Stress Management in the U.S. Army. My goal is to help service members better manage thier stress related to their personal and professional lives. 

– Confidentiality in the U.S Army. My goal is to build trust and support mental well-being. 

– Cultural Competence in the U.S. Army. My goal is to support inclusion. 

  • Discussion posts should equate to approximately 350 to 400 words.
  • Appropriately apply APA-formatted citations to support your assertions about the topic.

Chapter 9 Reference: Harper, Y., Rosser-Majors, M., Anderson, S. L., Brewer, S., Kirwan, J., Lozano, Y. M., & Vincent, P. (2020). Psychology applied: Diverse domains, ample opportunity. Bridgepoint Education.

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