Human Skin – Chapter

Human Skin – Chapter

Please answer the following questions. No Plagiarism. Thank You!

Chapter 2 questions

1.      What are mechanisms of antimicrobial action of Triclosan and Povidone? –  

2.     What are concentrations of ethanol or propanol alcohol required for hand antiseptics? – 

3.     Why isn’t 100% ethanol effective against bacteria? – . 

4.     What are two the least resistant and two the most resistant forms of microbes? – 

5.      Is human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) resistant to disinfectants and antiseptics? Yes or No. Explain your answer – 

6.      Is ethyl alcohol an antiseptic or a disinfectant? – 

7.     What is the difference between antiseptics and disinfectants? – 

8.      Name disinfectants effective in killing bacterial endospores – 

9.      Is soap effective as an antiseptic? Yes or No. Explain your answer – 

10.   Name 3 or more bacterial genera whose species make up the normal flora of human skin – 

Chapter 9 questions

1.     Why do bacterial and fungal colonies look different? (up to 500 characters) – 

2.     Other than agar what else can be used as solidifying agent in media suitable for bacterial cultivation? Give 2 examples or more – 

3.      What is the advantage of growing bacteria on solid media? – 

4.     Colony size, color, and shape are critical in description of bacterial growth on solid medium. What are 3 other crucial factors, 

not description of colony or a microbe itself, are typically included in description of bacterial growth on solid medium? – 

5.     How can you prove that the bacterial colony contains a pure culture? – 

6.     If you found the colony to be a mixture of organisms, what could you do to isolate them as pure cultures? – 

7.     You have coughed on the plate and there is no growth after incubation. Suggest 2 or more reasons why no bacterial growth was observed on the plate – 

Chapter 12 questions

1.     What is the difference between spontaneous mutation and induced mutation? – 

2.     What is the damage UV light causing to DNA? – 

3.      Define term mutagen. Give two examples of mutagens – 

4.      How is nitrous acid causing mutations in DNA? – 

5.     Both nitrous acid and ethidium bromide are causing mutations in DNA. Which compound is more dangerous? Explain your answer – 

6.      Explain the molecular basis for sickle-cell disease (up to 500 characters) –  

7.     In lab experiments the lids of Petri dishes were removed during exposure of bacteria to UV light. Explain why – 

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